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13.08.2019 04:14
He also smelled the thick Antworten

He also smelled the thick scent of scorpion, and smelled the grassy smell of mugwort. It was also a Duanyang Festival. The street is full of the sound of selling wormwood. Long wormwood, longevity is too ordinary, only on such days, people remember its existence. There is a lot of talk about the legend of mugwort, and there are many connections between the story and the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. It has been handed down from generation to generation to believe in traditional culture Carton Of Cigarettes, to cherish the memory of heroes, and to remember the heart of a historical heritage. On the hillside of the small town, it is only in such a time that it is more charming, and it is a mountain walk. Of course, it is a double task. It is a responsibility to fold one by one, preferably a small bundle of wormwood. The mountains are shouting and screaming, and there is a lively and festive atmosphere. The role of this wormwood must be far from the situation of Tang Wangwei��s ��Putting one less person��, evil spirits, health, disaster-free, praying... The memory of such a long time may seem a bit unreasonable today, but in ancient times It is commonplace. The Duanyang Festival is a permanent memory of a nation and a confession of the people to their usual days. You have to admire the wisdom of the ancestors: in those years, the level of productivity is relatively low, the original work of slash and burn and the cultivation of the fields in the field of cattle, together with the interpretation of people's understanding of the harvest, the yearning for the harvest and What is strange about the future is that every time the time of the sun Cheap Cigarettes, the wormwood, the life of the weeds that people do not pay attention to, but they emerge their own unique strength. The fragrance is long, and even the worms who usually shun it are also smelling their fragrance. The thick green fragrance tells people that the end of the sun is coming, the joy of picking and the memory of the opposite side, through the scorpion and wormwood, through the obstacles of dry air, deep into people's marrow. Unforgettable memories, a long story about the Duanyang Festival, without the directors to painstakingly arrange, rushing to find out from the depths of their minds, and the reality. In childhood, in order to eat a glutinous rice dumpling, the funny and embarrassing situation: the brothers fight, do not give each other, and even move their hands and feet; in order to cut a bundle of wormwood, and the thrilling scene of the horse honeycomb ran out one by one. Just telling a fact that you can't doubt, that is, life is easy to be old, the sky is not old, the age is Duanyang, and now Duanyang has smoke from the roof of the mountain people. It is the smoke of the scorpion, the smoke in the air. It has been hovering for a long time, flowing in time, to experience the warmth test of the whole night, and to be able to taste the fragrance of the scorpion and the morning in the early morning, the green scent of wormwood and scorpion will permeate in the air, who will not call in the bottom of my heart. The scorpion of the northern part of the fragrant is not the scorpion of the south. There is no meat, and most of it is rice bran. Rice bran is also divided into species, such as the only yellow rice in the north, high glutinous rice and so on. The sweetness of the glutinous rice, the green scent of the feathers, through the evaluation and argumentation of the tip of the tongue, the scorpion walked around the Duanyang Festival. When the East House walked away from the nephew of Xijiatun, it was on the tip of people's tongue to sing and sing in the streets and lanes Parliament Cigarettes. The most talked about topic was naturally blind. When I put the wormwood on the road to every household, people put the wormwood in the door of their own door. If they are on the same floor, they will never forget to put a hand on the neighbors�� door. Enjoy the happy hours of Duanyang. Every time the Yangshuo is over, the adults will also apply the realgar wine to the children's ear nostrils, and then add a small mouthful of realgar wine. It is said that only the end of the day, after the use of realgar wine to smear the pores of the ear hole, there will be no fear that the insects and even many pests will be willing to drill in, causing unnecessary panic. A green scent is permeated in the festive atmosphere, and laughter and sings are everywhere; only when you carefully appreciate the festive atmosphere, you will realize how close the tradition is to people! The constant feelings of the past are the attachment to the tradition, and the letter that keeps the roots is passed down from generation to generation, so that the traditional festivals can be carried forward, and the roots will be passed down from generation to generation to the ancient and magical land.
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