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lthough I didn't understand this book, I only read a few articles that I was interested in reading. Originally I thought it was a travel journal, but when I looked at it carefully, it was written on the surface. In fact, it also revealed the huge connotation of Chinese culture, which can reflect the author's life and thoughts. "Mogao Grottoes" gave me a deeper understanding of the ignorance of the people at that time. Wang Yuanlu's heinous sins thought that the murals on the walls were ugly, so I painted them in white and the caves finally looked like a place to live Marlboro Red, but, The original complex of Mogao Grottoes gradually became hollow and pale; because of greed for money Marlboro Lights, the murals of scriptures were sold to foreigners. This is a national shame, and we will never forget that the one I read the most is "Jiangnan Town". The text is beautifully described, but the author still seems to be able to hide the pain in his heart. Thinking of the sadness of this calm thought. The exquisite stone bridge, the house next to the mountain, the light white smoke, and the willow trees and the house reflected in the water, everything looks very quiet. The Jiangnan town in the book gives me a way to return home. So peaceful, so enjoyable. Isolated from the world, there is no hustle, no competition, no danger. As the author said, the small town in Jiangnan does not have the vicissitudes of the bird bridge and Wuyi Lane, but only the indifferent. Jiangnan's towns are disdainful of Ronghua, so there is no magnificent momentum, some are just lonely mountains and rivers, and the current is the same since ancient times. There has been no rise or glory, but only silently nourishing one party's land and feeding one party. It reminds me of what I saw when I was visiting Wuzhen. On the way to Wuzhen, it was already drizzling and the mist was hazy, not as gray as Wuxi. The next day, the ground was wet and the air was mixed with the aroma of soil. We went to Xizha. Come there, rent a boat, and the fisherman will row for us. Look left, look right, the black house is lined with the blue sky, and there is no sunlight, which makes people feel refreshed. Coupled with few people, it is more comfortable. Disembarked, walked on the teal slate road, the narrow small alleys, the surrounding houses were next to each other, the high threshold, antique. The surrounding houses are small shops, no matter how small or large, there are lots of them inside. At this time, the sun came to make the scene more lively and more vibrant. Now Wuxi is no longer like this, maybe Yu Qiuyu describes the most authentic Jiangnan town. Although I was born in Jiangnan Town, the modernization process has already washed away the original ancient charm of the town, only in my heart. Outline the appearance of the town over and over again Parliament Cigarettes. Yu Qiuyu walked on the land of the Chinese nation, used his unique observation and insight to ponder the deep culture of this ancient nation, and wrote this book with exquisite strokes. It is not a pleasant travel, it is bitter and bitter
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